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Custom web applications are one of our specialties. Have our team of professional developers build applications, expose business processes and more!

Efficiency as a Service: Migrate Your Businesses Processes Online

Are you using off-the-shelf software for your business and finding that what's available on the market just isn't cutting it? Perhaps you found a workaround that produces results, but you could do more while consuming less resources if you had access to a cloud-hosted web application.

One of the most valuable services we at Kodekrib Technologies offer is custom web app development. We design, build and host applications of all kinds for our clients, including user-exposed business processes and management-facing administrative applications. In fact, when it comes to developing customized web apps, the possibilities for enhancing and streamlining the user experience are endless.

Off-the-shelf software is typically enough to get a job done quickly, but custom web application development can help you truly thrive. Since your business is unique, you need customized programming that plays to your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses. Kodekrib Technologies should be your first choice when making that step.

Six Steps For Your Web Application Project

Project Discovery

As always, the first step towards realizing a customized web solution with Kodekrib Technologies is the project discovery phase. This is the period of time we dedicate to learning about the specific problem you wish the app to solve and how it fits within the greater scope of your brand identity.

Application Design

Once we have a clear idea of the business problem that the proposed application should solve and the means by which it should do so, we can put our design team to work. This phase will produce lightweight mockups of the various web application pages discussed during the project discovery phase. It will also put some basic ideas about application functionality into practice so we can assure the end result meets client expectations.

Front-End Web Development

With a finished design approved, we can get to work on actually developing the application front-end according to the principles agreed upon in the previous steps. Careful implementation of custom code ensures that your application will run smoothly and reliably, being easy to use even when dealing with large amounts of data and processing options. Whether letting users customize products for retail sale or giving management efficient cloud-based access to important business functions, a reliable and intuitive front-end ensures lasting success.

Back-End Web Development

With front end functions and in place, back-end development quickly follows. This is where all of the heavy lifting and data will take place—as such, it needs to be carefully developed for efficiency and organization. In creating a custom back-end, we focus on making the key deliverable of your application quickly and universally accessible.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Your web application is an important asset that can bring about a new era of business efficiency if successfully implemented. Quality assurance testing is one of the critical steps towards ensuring successful implementation; a poorly tested application is an obstacle and a risk for everyone involved.

Fortunately, we extensively test our applications, making sure that each element was correctly implemented during the development process and that the finished product works as discussed in the project discovery brief. We test through multiple browsers and use large sample data sets to determine the application's limits and then adjust its parameters to match.

Delivery and Launch

With an attractive front-end, a powerful back-end and a fully tested interface, your customized web application is ready for launch. If you already have a website in place, the integration and implementation process is a simple one. If you're designing a standalone web app, we're happy to take care of hosting and implementation for you.

Technology We Use for Custom App Development


HTML is the longstanding standard when it comes to markup languages, forming the foundation of most web pages and applications online. Our HTML expertise provides a reliable and easily customizable foundation for your web app.


Our CSS expertise ensures that your finished application is presentable, accessible and flexible. CSS has been the industry standard for developing attractive front-ends for web pages and applications for years, and our team remains on top of continuing developments in the field, promising predictable responsive design and more for your project.


By creatively employing server-side scripting, we can produce customized interfaces for web application users and customize the responses that the application produces to user requests.


As experienced professionals in client-side HTML scripting, we've been drawn to the solutions JQuery makes possible since the software's initial release. Simplified syntax and plug-in extensibility give us the ability to completely customize application front-ends for our clients.


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML allows our applications to send and process user data in the background, allowing the application to respond dynamically to user behavior. No modern web application is complete without AJAX interactivity.


When exposing business processes to online users or giving access to management protocols through the cloud, the cybersecurity stakes are higher. We strictly adhere to the highest security standards, ensuring that your (and your users') data remains perfectly safe.


Kodekrib Technologies is a web design and web development firm that focuses on the user experience. Our team of expert developers knows that successful experiences transform users into followers and customers into brand ambassadors, and we've demonstrated that fact for all of our clients nationwide. Our specialties include responsive web design services, wordpress development and custom web/Mobile APP application development. 
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