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Do you have an e-commerce shop? Our services can increase your sales and visibility while ensuring a secure payment structure through trusted vendors.
The modern ecommerce platform is often more than a simple online store. Web-based entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of the new opportunities that innovative technology offers. We have built ecommerce platforms for selling physical products as well as beauty products, groceries e.t.c.

When it comes to designing, developing or revamping an ecommerce site, even the smallest details can have huge effects on your monthly sales volume. Our team consist of highly motivated and experienced ecommerce experts, that can ensure that every aspect of your site is designed in an enticing, user-friendly manner.

It has been shown –conclusively– that web design elements such as responsive design result in greater lead generation and higher sales volume. With our experience in the online retail industry and excellent work done for startup entrepreneurs, Kodekrib Technologies has what it takes to deliver the custom-tailored ecommerce solution you need.

Six Steps to Project Development

Project Discovery

Every project begins with ample research. To truly give you the most advanced web design and development service on the market, we need to understand your business, its goals and how those goals affect your users. We also need to determine who your users are, what expectations they may have and what kind of behaviors we can expect from them in turn. Then, we can examine the competitive landscape that surrounds your business and begin coming up with ideas to make it stand out in that environment.

This stage, led by our project manager, sets the stage for the creation of a fully functional that delivers on the implicit promises you make to your visitors and customers. Generally, we begin taking down notes and coming up with ideas from the very first call, and follow up with a more rigorous discussion once you award the project to Kodekrib Technologies.

The Design Phase

With all of the important data researched, categorized and ready to implement, we begin organizing our ideas into layout options. During this phase, you'll receive initial mockups—simplified skeletons of your website that don't yet have the polish of a finished design, but give us the ability to build on ideas quickly and deliver solutions for various interface elements.

It's helpful to have your content ready by this point, as content informs design in a few important ways, and having content already loaded on the development server ensures a timely launch. If you need content written, we're happy to refer you to talented, experienced copywriters who regularly deliver excellent results.

Front-End Web Development

With the design and content ready, we can move on to transforming your approved mockup into a functional website front-end. We use standards-based technology to build front-end templates in HTML5 and CSS, using jQuery for visual effects, form validation and other attractive website behaviors.

Back-End Web Development

A functional and solidly built front-end gives us the opportunity begin building, integrating and testing back-end modules. We typically break down this step into small, manageable phases so that each module can properly tested and assessed without overwhelming the development process.

We have the resources and manpower necessary to work on modules in parallel, which is helpful for large or complex projects that need multiple back-end modules to work together. This is something that would take place seamlessly, having already been discussed during the initial project discovery phase.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the project's infrastructure is complete, we can move on to testing and tweaking the site's functionality and responsiveness. We test all our web projects in a variety of browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. We also test the responsive design of the site on iOS and Android devices.

Our browser testing phase implies more than making sure that your website looks the same in different browsers—it requires making sure that the user experience is suited to their device and browser of choice.

Delivery and Launch

With the finished site tested on a variety of browsers and devices and approved by you, we are ready for launch. We make the website live on your server and point your domain over to the new site—launch time!

Working With WooCommerce

As we've mentioned, our favorite ecommerce platform is WooCommerce. This is an ecommerce platform that remains simple to use even when performing complex sales processes in high-traffic conditions. The level of reliability offered by WooCommerce is matched only by its great customizability.

Available as a WordPress plug-in, WooCommerce offers just about everything you would need to get your ecommerce store on its feet right out of the box. If you have additional needs, however, feel rest assured that our team can adapt WooCommerce to fit those needs exactly.

Enjoy In-Depth Selling Features With Prestashop

We are also highly skilled at creating ecommerce stores driven by Prestashop technology. Prestashop is an ecommerce platform that offers enormous flexibility through its unique modular architecture. Its capacity for turning complex sales processes into simple routines are what makes it such a valuable ecommerce tool.

Our staff includes several Prestashop experts who can provide you with excellent development and maintenance services for the platform. All you need to do is present us with your idea and leave the rest to our project manager.

What We Offer in Ecommerce Stores


Years of experience and countless A/B comparisons make our designs friendly, enticing and optimized for search engine ranking.


Mobile purchases make up a fast-growing segment of the ecommerce industry. Take advantage of this fact by having us build a fully responsive ecommerce store for you.


You get automatic inventory management with your Kodekrib ecommerce solution. Add and manage products in real-time.


We will never put a limit on the number of products you have cost on your site. Our whole idea is to help you grow as large as possible!


Even the best products and services need an effective marketing campaign. We can help you get the word out by initiating an internet marketing campaign for your business.


Updating content, changing prices and switching out photos are all easy tasks to complete with our useful store management solution.


Automating invoice generation takes out the stress of operating a busy ecommerce site. We have modules that can autofill invoices and generate shipping labels for you instantly.


Data is the key to continued business success, offering you the ability to adjust your sales strategies according to your visitors' interests and behaviors. Our data collection tools help you make better business decisions.


Your customers' private data is safe, thanks to us. We integrate the most advanced security protocols of the moment into our ecommerce solutions and make sure every element is up-to-date.


Our popular starting package, Basics of Branding, offers a professionally designed logo, business card, letterhead, flyer and banner along with your site development service—at no cost!


Our custom notification features ensure you'll be kept in the loop every time something important happens with your site: sales, alerts, inquiries and shipping info delivered straight to your inbox.


Our best-in-class SSL certificate provider partners make sure that your finished site is shielded from attack and theft. Ensure safe shopping for yourself and your customers with us.


Content sells! Write a blog to accompany your product catalog and drive customers to your site. Use forums and chat to connect with your customers and serve their needs better.


Rest assured that you'll get world-class support from Kodekrib Technologies. We offer 24/7 assistance with any and every aspect of your site, we're always a phone call away.


We develop ecommerce stores in PHP & Frameworks as well as using popular CMS platforms like Wordpress, Prestashop and Drupal. We can accommodate any technical preference you may have.

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